Our Vision

Welcome to St Paul's Hammersmith. We live to glorify God by becoming a transforming community for London and beyond. Our strategy is the formation of dynamic, urban, missional disciples or cityshapers. We give ourselves to be shaped by God to shape the city.

God calls us into his life and shapes us to be living witnesses to his love and power for the sake of the city. We join with him in the renewal of all things, in our case with a particular focus on London. Here's how it works:

We are passionate about God’s reputation growing. We want him to be famous. Known because of his love, mercy, compassion, goodness, greatness and might.  We want all of our lives to reflect his glory. Worship, in terms of adoration and action, is a very high priority for us. We love to sing. We love to serve.

Transforming community
At the heart of God’s great rescue mission for his broken creation is the formation of a people who will bear witness to him by hosting his presence and in and through whom his restoring power is at work. Through Jesus and by the Holy Spirit he calls a people into being who are marked by their lack of division, where young and old, male and female, rich and poor (and all points in between) come together from every race and background. This community is one where all have a part to play. It’s a community with a purpose. A salt and light community which has a transforming effect on the city where it lives.

The City
God invites his people to seek the peace and prosperity of the city. It is our environment.  God loves our city. When God’s purpose for his creation is finally fulfilled it will look like a city. In the light of that heavenly city we live hopefully in this city.

Every one of God’s people, wherever they find themselves in the city, can influence for peace. Home-makers, kids, students, nurses, computer programmers, lawyers, teachers. Cityshapers are people of character, growing in wisdom for life in the city, confident in their calling, aware of gifts and passions and equipped with basic skills.

Shaped by God
God is committed to our transformation: by His Spirit He is shaping us like Jesus. Formation happens through prayer, truth and practice. It always happens in community.  We See St Paul's as a House of Prayer where we come to love the personal presence of God and learn to relate to him. We see St Paul's as a school of the Holy Spirit, where the word of God sets us free. We learn what’s real and what’s false. We see St Paul's as a people of blessing – doers of the word who practice love of neighbour and do justice.

To Shape the City
We believe there are four basic spheres of life in the city - church, family, work/culture, social/civic. We believe there are five primary ways of influencing these spheres: through demonstrating love, relieving need, development, reform and through witness. Take a look at our associated ministries and community initiatives for how this looks.

Come and join us. Discover your destiny in Christ. You are a cityshaper. Why not shape the city for good?

What next

If you are exploring your faith or new to Christianity or Church then take a look at our Alpha Course. If you are a Christian already who has moved into the area or thinking of joining us then why not come along to a Newcomers' Afternoon as a great introduction to all you can get involved in. Of course, we would love to meet you in person, so try one of our Sunday services, 8.30am, 10.30am and 6pm. And be sure to take a look at our Autumn 2017 Guide - this gives a great snapshot of all that's going on here at St Paul's. Whatever option you choose, please fill in the Connect Card on a Sunday or email Esli Lees (Welcome & Integration Coordinator) so we can straight away begin to get to know you and help you find a home here.


Simon & Anna Downham

Senior Pastor

"With Alison my wife, I run a couple of jewellery stores. Running a small business gives us the opportunity to bring God's love as well as Christian ethics to the workplace. However, trying to survive in the luxury market has been very challenging. In an odd way, that has been the making of us as a couple and family as it has helped us shape what's important.''


Jos, business owner

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