Dear St Paul’s Member/Friend

The storms continue to rage but our God is a mighty fortress. Jesus still reigns. The Spirit is always working creation out of chaos. It is amazing to see how people are already adapting, acting with courage, kindness, love and creativity. We have been working really hard on ensuring we have a way of contacting our members – we want to build community and find ways of doing that creatively. We are ensuring that our Life Groups and Life Group leaders are equipped to do life together in the realities we are all now faced with. We are beginning to work hard at equipping each other to reach out in our local communities. More on that to follow in due course. Here is what we are planning in the next few days. We will keep reinforcing these messages over all our channels.

We are trialling with different formats and ways of streaming each service or event in future weeks. Right now everything is an experiment. We are taking on board all the feedback and please keep it coming. Please do pray for us and that the technology works! Most of all please join us. We know the Lord is moving in awesome power in these days and as a people we can pray for the church and the world and through our praises bear witness to our hope.