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A reading of the letter to the Ephesians in the context of worship

We draw together our term’s series on Ephesians by reading the whole letter out loud!

The letters in the New Testament were designed to be read out loud from start to finish. They were addressed to communities of early Christians, meeting together to worship.  And they were for everyone in that community – so that everyone might hear, digest, and be transformed.

So, on 28 March at 7.30pm, we recreate – in our time and for our community – what that might have been like: we meet as a whole Church to hear St Paul’s words afresh in their full context; we participate in worship and enjoy moments of reflection and prayer at several points during the reading; we hear the story of what actually happened when Paul was in Ephesus; and there will be hot cross buns and light refreshments afterwards!

This would be an ideal event to bring friends and family along as part of the Church’s Holy Week journey. Everyone is welcome!



Wed 28 Mar 2018

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St Paul's Centre