• Lent / Easter

    A season of reflection, repentance and prayer. Join us at one of many events of this Easter period.

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  • Church Weekend away

    Woodland Walks. Campfires. Fishing. Sport. Prayer. Fellowship. Growth.

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  • Alpha Course

    A series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith.

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  • Shaping the City

    We're becoming a transforming community for Hammersmith and beyond.

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  • Work With Us

    Join a vibrant, enthusiastic team that is passionate about transforming the lives of those around us and in our great city.

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Welcome to St Paul’s, a thriving Christian community living for the glory of God and the transformation of the city by the love and power of Jesus Christ.



Central to our cityshapers vision is to become a house of prayer in and for the city. We hope to equip you to be able to pray wherever you find yourself.